Sharon started piercing in Amsterdam
in 1996 and has always felt she was born to be a piercer.
She used to pierce herself since the age of 9 and was inspired by the eccentric Mathilde Willink who had more than multiple earpiercings.
nowadays she is the owner of Dare 2 Wear, Classic ink&mods and Inkstitution/ Classic Glamour, together with her partner Duncan.

Sharon’s big love for adornment and beauty made her decide to make quality piercingjewelry as well, which are sold in all shops.

She loves to make you happy with a beautiful new piece of jewelry or help
you out with any question about a piercing

Sharon’s favorite piercing to do is a smiley/ lipfrenulum because she finds it super easy to do, its practically painless and really adds something to your smile😁

We are confident you will feel at ease with her and her 24 years of experience

Sharon speaks Dutch, English, abit of French and German and just little bits of Spanish


Carolina is the newest addition to the Glamour team. This super friendly, multi-talented Italian jewellery lover started piercing about 10 years ago. She is always up for a piercing chat, anything from your next stab site to aftercare, to a jewellery consultation.
Her favourite bit to pierce would be the inner cartilage and when she’s not piercing she enjoys a long walk through nature with her sweet doggy.
Carolina speaks fluent Italian and English and you can find her at Classic Glamour from Tuesday to Saturday.